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Disability services

Disability services employment checks assess whether a potential employee, volunteer, agent or contractor could pose a risk to the safety and well-being of people with disability, based on their criminal history and child protection information. These checks are valid for three years and are continuously monitored.

Who needs a check?

You may need a disability services employment check if your role means you:

  • have regular unsupervised contact with people with disability
  • work in close proximity to people with disability regularly and without supervision
  • supervise or manage people who have regular contact with or work in close proximity to people with disability
  • have access to records related to people with disability
  • are providing overnight care (with sleeping arrangements) to an individual with disability.

By law, you must have a disability services employment check if you work or volunteer with:

  • a government disability services provider
  • a non-government provider funded under the Disability Services Act 1993
  • a provider funded through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Working with children

If your role includes children with disability, you also need a working with children check (from 1 July 2019).

How to get a check

The Department of Human Services Screening Unit is, by law, the only service that can do a disability services employment check in our state. A range of information is assessed for people working or volunteering with people with disability.

If the Screening Unit assessment indicates an individual may pose a risk to people with disability, they will contact the individual for more information before finishing the assessment.

Current disability service arrangements mean organisations are not allowed to employ or engage anyone who has been assessed as unsuitable to work or volunteer with people with disability.

Apply now for a disability services employment check..

If a disability services employment check is not required by law, a business/organisation may still want individuals to get a police check.

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