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Screening Checks

Screening Checks
Screening Checks

Vulnerable-person-related employment screening

Vulnerable-person-related employment screening assesses a person's criminal conviction history to determine whether they pose a risk of harm to the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable people when working or volunteering with them.

Requirement for vulnerable-person-related screening

There is no legislative requirement for this type of screening, however, an organisation may require it as a condition of employment.

Vulnerable-person-related screening may be relevant for:

  • information and communication technology (ICT) employees who may have access to files regarding vulnerable people
  • volunteers in aged care facilities
  • health and allied health professionals.

If there is a current clearance for any other type of screening there is no need to have a vulnerable-person-related clearance as well.

Assessment for vulnerable-person-related screening

The  Screening Unit provides a point-in-time assessment of risk, based on the information disclosed to it at the time of screening.

This information may be shared with the employing organisation.

If the  Screening Unit assesses that an applicant may pose a risk of harm to vulnerable people, they will contact the applicant to discuss the matter before finalising the assessment.

Applicants have access to a review process in relation to this.

Conducting vulnerable-person-related screening

Employer organisations can conduct their own vulnerable-person-related screening.

An employee’s National Police Certificate can be used by the organisation to conduct their own assessment.

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