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Screening Checks

Screening Checks
Screening Checks

Volunteer Screening

DHS screening checks are free for South Australian volunteers

Types of screening checks

The DHS Screening Unit offers five types of screening checks. All types are free for volunteers, no matter how many of the five types are required:

  • Child related employment screening
  • Disability services employment screening
  • Vulnerable person-related employment screening
  • Aged care sector employment screening
  • General employment probity screening.

Applying for a screening check

The process for applying for a screening check has not changed. It is up to the organisation to decide if a volunteer needs a DHS screening check.

Organisation can start an application for a volunteer screening check (and manage all of their applications) through the Screening Unit’s online application portal.

After an organisation starts a new application, the volunteer receives an email with a link to the Screening Unit website to provide the details needed to complete the application.

Screening applications submitted to the Screening Unit before 1 November used to cost $59.40, paid by either the volunteer or the organisation they’re volunteering for. No refunds are available for applications submitted before 1 November 2018, even if the check is still in progress.

Processing times

The Screening Unit processes most applications within three weeks but it is recommended that organisations allow up to six weeks for screening to be completed.

When submitting an application, it’s important that all information is correct and relevant, such as all names, nicknames and previous addresses, to help the process run smoothly. Incorrect or incomplete information can slow the process down, as the Screening Unit may need to return the application to the volunteer and ask them to correct and resubmit it.

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