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Screening Checks

Screening Checks
Screening Checks

Information assessed

The information assessed by the  Screening Unit depends on the type of screening being conducted.

Each check involves obtaining a national criminal history record check but some types of screening take into account additional sources of information.

In some cases, legislative requirements determine the type of screening required and therefore the information assessed in a particular case.

General employment probity

Criminal convictions only.

Vulnerable person employment screening

Criminal convictions only.

Aged care sector screening

Criminal convictions and an assessment of relevant criminal history to identify any precluding offences such as murder, sexual assault or an assault for which a sentence of imprisonment was imposed.

Disability services sector screening

Disability services sector screening involves a national criminal history record check, and:

  • An assessment of all convictions information and charges, regardless of the outcome of those charges, for example including those that would otherwise be considered 'spent'
  • Information from the Courts Administration Authority
  • Workplace records that are relevant to working with people with disability, such as:
    • professional misconduct and disciplinary action taken against, or attempted to be taken against an applicant)
    • allegations of abuse in disability employment in some government agencies and all non-government disability service providers as well as licensing authorities of supported residential facilities.

Child-related employment screening

Child-related employment screening involves a national criminal history record check, and an assessment of information from SA Police and other Australian jurisdictions regarding alleged offences, regardless of outcome, including:

  • pending charges
  • findings of guilt as well as non-conviction charges
  • circumstantial information relating to charges and convictions
  • spent convictions
  • information sourced from professional registration bodies
  • child-protection information.

It involves the consideration of factors such as:

  • the context and circumstances of any offending
  • the seriousness and relevance of any conviction(s)
  • the level of unsupervised access the person will have to children in the work or volunteer role, and
  • the length of time that has lapsed since any conviction.

Spent convictions

An offence that occurred a long time ago (for example, more than 10 years ago) might be considered to be 'spent', and will not be included in a criminal history report considered by the  Screening Unit (unless the category of employment, or purpose of the screening application is considered exempt from the workings of any applicable Spent Convictions scheme).

More information, Spent Convictions Schemes Fact Sheet (PDF 179.6 KB)

Exemption based on type of screening

For child-related employment screening, the  Screening Unit can access and take into account spent convictions information from sources Australia-wide. This capability is provided through an inter-governmental agreement for the National Exchange of Criminal History Information for People Working with Children (ECHIPWC).

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