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Screening Checks

Screening Checks
Screening Checks

How long does screening take?

The Screening Unit processes most applications within 3 weeks.

However, it can take longer than this, depending on the relevance, complexity and amount of background information identified during the screening process.

You should receive a clearance within 3 weeks for a straightforward check. If your name registers as a match in any of the databases assessed by the Screening Unit, or there is relevant criminal history for you, processing the application may take longer.

Other factors affecting time taken for screening applications:

  • the time of year (January to April is usually the busiest time of year for the Screening Unit);
  • the length of time taken to obtain relevant information from other agencies across Australia, including police agencies.

We will keep you up-to-date as your application progresses. Alternatively, you can check the progress of an application’s status at any time as a registered organisation or an applicant.

To make sure the screening check is processed as quickly as possible, be sure to provide complete and accurate personal information and role-related information in your application.

We recommend you allow as much time as possible for a screening check to be completed. You can start a screening application up to 6 months before your current clearance expires.

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