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Screening Checks

Screening Checks
Screening Checks

General employment probity screening

General employment probity screening is a point-in-time assessment of a person's criminal conviction history that can assist an employer to determine a person's suitability for employment.

Requirement for general employment probity screening

There is no legislative requirement for this type of screening, however an organisation may require it as part of a condition of employment.

If there is a current clearance for another type of screening there is no need for general employment probity clearance as well.

Assessment for general employment probity screening

This screening involves a risk assessment of the applicant's relevant criminal history only.

If the Screening Unit assesses information about an applicant that indicates they may pose a risk, the Unit will contact the applicant to discuss the matter before finalising the assessment.

Notification of outcome

The applicant does not receive a clearance letter, Police Check or details relating to their National Criminal History Record Check.

If the person needs this kind of documentation, they can apply for a National Police Check.

The employer organisation is advised of the screening result by email.


This type of screening check is not generally portable between employer organisations. If the employee or volunteer moves to a new role, even within the same organisation, it may be necessary to have the person re-screened.

Employment agencies

Because general employment probity screening is specific to a role, this type of employment clearance is not suitable for agency staff who undertake a variety of roles.

It is recommended that employment agencies direct staff to apply for a National Police Check.

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