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Screening Checks

Screening Checks
Screening Checks

Disability services employment screening

Disability services employment screening assesses a person’s relevant history to determine whether they pose a risk of harm to the safety and wellbeing of people with a disability.

Requirement for disability services employment screening

An organisation may require its employees, volunteers, agents or contractors to have a disability services sector screening. This is only a requirement if, in the course of their duties, they have:

  • regular unsupervised contact or close proximity to people with disability
  • supervision or management of people whose roles require regular contact or close proximity to people with disability
  • access to records relating to people with disability
  • providing overnight care to a person with disability that involves sleeping arrangements, whether short-term or ongoing.

Disability services employment screening can only be required if the organisation where the person will work or volunteer is:

Conducting disability services sector screening

The  Screening Unit is the only screening unit with authorisation to undertake disability services employment screening assessments.

Information assessed as part of disability services sector screening

Disability services sector screening involves an assessment of the person's relevant history, including:

  • findings of guilt by a court
  • charges for an offence (including pending charges) regardless of the outcome
  • convictions that would otherwise be considered spent
  • information held by government and non-government agencies, including human resources information about allegations of workplace misconduct
  • information about care concern investigations
  • child protection information.

A screening clearance letter will be posted to people who have been cleared, confirming that they have been assessed as suitable for work in the disability services sector. The requesting organisation is informed by email.

Communicating the outcome of disability services sector screening

Procedural fairness

If the Screening Unit uncovers any relevant history about the person being screened that may prevent them from being assessed as suitable for work in the sector, the Unit will write to that person. The person will have an opportunity to respond by providing relevant information that may affect the outcome of the assessment.

If it is assessed that the person poses a risk to people with disability, the organisation will be informed by email that the person is considered unsuitable for work in the disability sector.

Current service agreements specify that the organisation must not employ or engage a person who has been found unsuitable by the  Screening Unit.

It should be noted that the final decision as to whether to engage a person for a particular role is the responsibility of the requesting organisation.

Requirement for more than one type of screening

In some circumstances, more than one type of screening may be required.

Working with children

  • If the role involves working with both children and adults with disability; both a disability services sector clearance and a child-related employment screening clearance may be required.
  • If the role involves working in the disability sector AND working with children BUT NOT adults with disability, only a child-related employment assessment is required.

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