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Screening Unit

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Screening Unit

Appeal a decision

Working with Children Checks

The DHS Screening Unit may a revoke prohibition notice in the following circumstances:

  • The only grounds on which you were prohibited is the issue of the prohibition notice; AND
  • you satisfy the DHS Screening Unit that the prohibition notice was issued to you in error.


  • You satisfy the DHS Screening Unit there is fresh and compelling assessable information that, if assessed in the course of the original working with children check, would have materially affected the determination to prohibit you from working with children; AND
  • the DHS Screening Unit conducts a further working with children check and determines that you are not to be prohibited from working with children.

Other checks

You can ask to have a Screening Unit assessment decision reviewed if you believe they didn’t follow the right processes when doing the assessment for your check.

Your assessment will only be reviewed for reasons like:

  • there is new, relevant information about your criminal history for the Screening Unit to assess
  • you feel the information you provided for your assessment wasn’t fully or properly considered
  • you can show that any information used by the Screening Unit to do your assessment was information they were not permitted to access or use
  • you believe the Screening Unit used irrelevant information about you as part of your assessment.

When the Screening Unit reviews your assessment, they will look at the information collected for your initial assessment, plus any new information you provide with your review request.

To apply to revoke a prohibition notice or an internal review, contact the Screening Unit.

External appeals

If you are not happy with the outcome of the Screening Unit’s appeal decision, you may be able to have your application reviewed externally through:

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