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Screening Checks

Screening Checks
Screening Checks

How to pay

Payment for screening may be made by:

  • the organisation engaging the employee or volunteer (the applicant), or
  • the applicant themselves.

If you are not sure who is responsible for paying for your screening, please check with your organisation.

Method of payment

Payments can be made:

  • online by credit card using a Visa or MasterCard (using BPOINT)
  • online via a prepaid credit card, available from many merchants including Australia Post
  • by invoicing an organisation, provided that the organisation is a current DHS account customer.

The  Screening Unit does not accept cash payments.

A receipt with a reference number will be available when your online payment has been confirmed.

Organisations paying online

Organisations must appoint a Finance Officer. This is required to enable online payment. When starting a screening application online, the requesting officer in the organisation selects the option in the appropriate section of the form to indicate who will be paying for the screening assessment.

Invoicing arrangements

Organisations that screen more than 100 applicants a year may apply to set up invoicing arrangements with the Screening Unit. Payment is required within 30 days and conditions apply.

Email requests to set up invoicing arrangements to

Payment in person with hard copy application forms

As hard copy (paper application) forms are being phased out, they can only be submitted in ‘exceptional circumstances’ with the prior approval of the Screening Unit.  If you have received approval to use a paper application form, you can submit and pay for the screening in person at a Service SA Customer Centre.  More information about Service SA’s locations and opening hours.

Screening Fees and Charges

Effective as from 1 July 2018, fees for  screening checks are as follows:

Type of checkEmployee/ContractorStudentsVolunteers
Child-related employment $ 107.80 (GST inclusive)$ 59.40 (GST inclusive)$0
Disability services employment$ 107.80 (GST inclusive) $ 59.40 (GST inclusive)$0
Aged care sector $  90.20 (GST Inclusive) $ 59.40 (GST inclusive)$0
Vulnerable person-related employment $ 90.20 (GST Inclusive)$ 59.40 (GST Inclusive)$0
General employment probity $ 90.20 (GST Inclusive)$ 59.40 (GST Inclusive)$0

All fees are inclusive of GST.  

  • Employee/Contractor includes permanent, temporary and casual staff as well as any external services providers commissioned to carry out work as a contractor/subcontractor to the agency.
  • Student means a secondary/tertiary education pupil on an official placement connected to his or her studies.
  • Volunteer means a person who performs tasks for the relevant agency without monetary reward or other remuneration.

If more than one type of screening is required:

  • Employees - where more than one type of screening is required for employees, a charge applies for each separate screening type.
  • Students - the screening of volunteers and students on placement attracts a discounted single fee, which covers any type of screening and any number of concurrent checks (as long as the applications are submitted together).
  • Volunteers - all screening types are free, no matter how many types are required.

Government schools and preschools

Screening fees for employees who work at government schools, preschools, child centres and other non-corporate entities under the auspices of the South Australia Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) are invoiced to DECD.

DECD Corporate receives monthly invoices for payment on behalf of all DECD sites that have submitted a  screening application.

When initiating screening applications using the online screening system, the Requesting Officer at the individual DECD site should select the relevant payment option where prompted (that is, payment via invoicing to DECD).

For more information, contact the DECD

Reimbursement of fees on cancellation of an application

Once the  Screening Unit has begun processing an application, they are unable to refund any fees, even if you wish to cancel the application.

Cancelled applications will still incur a fee.

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