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Screening Checks

Screening Checks
Screening Checks

Applicant prepares to complete application

An organisation requests a screening check on behalf of an applicant.

Before a person can complete their application online:

  1. Organisations need to register with the Screening Unit, and start an online application.
  2. Once the organisation has started an applicant’s online application, the applicant will be emailed a link so they can complete the application using the online form.

Applicant identity check

Applicants must provide proof of their identity when applying for a screening check.

The Screening Unit requires that applicants undergo a 100-point identification check to be verified by a verifying officer.

This is a list of permitted verifying officers (PDF 234.3 KB).

Verification of applicant identity

There are three options available to applicants to have their identity verified. Choose ONE only.

  1. Online verification
    Online verification uses the Australian Government’s Documentation Verification Service which will undertake the 100-point identification on behalf of the applicant.
  • You will need:
    • an Australian driver’s licence, AND
    • a current Australian passport or an Australian Birth Certificate or an Australian Citizenship Certificate.
  1. Organisation’s verifying officer completes the process online.
  1. Independent verifying officer prints, signs and mails documents (print and seek)
  • The verifying officer verifies your identity using the following process:
    1. Print the PDF of your online application that is generated after payment.
    2. Provide your original identity documents to an independent verifying officer.
    3. Mail the signed and completed application form to the  Screening Unit.
  • Only use option 3 if you cannot use option 1 or option 2.

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