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There are delays in processing some screening applications. Here’s why…
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Screening Applications Delays

DHS Screening Unit apologises for the delays in obtaining some screening checks. We understand people need these checks before they start paid or volunteer work, and that the delays are affecting this. We are working with our partners to get the checks completed as quickly as possible.

Why is there a delay?

All screening applications include a national police check. The DHS Screening Unit obtains this from the National Police Checking Service (NPCS).

The NPCS is experiencing an unprecedented high demand for its services, and this demand is resulting in delays to the processing of some screening applications.

Please see the National Police Checking Service website for information on the delays.

How long is the delay?

Depending on the information that needs to be checked, some screening applications are taking more than 4 weeks.

Most applications will still be done within a few days.

What applications are delayed?

All screening applications, regardless of the type, might be delayed. This is due to the large number of applications received.

A delayed police check is in no way an indicator that an applicant has any criminal history to be disclosed.

Employers are urged not to discriminate against applicants who are experiencing delays in receiving their national police checks.

When will this be fixed?

The current delay is within the National Police Checking Service due to the high number of applications being lodged.

The NPCS has requested that affected applicants and employers not contact them directly.

They are unable to prioritise individual checks and these types of enquiries are diverting resources away from the processing of checks.

Please be patient.

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