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Screening Unit
Screening Unit

Screening Application Status Messages

You can review the progress of an application for a screening check.

An ‘Application Status Search’ can be done by an applicant or an organisation who started an application for an employee.

This table describes the status messages you may see and any action required.



Action by

Applicant Queried

The application has been submitted and is being assessed, however, more information is required from the applicant.

A query has been emailed to the applicant and the Screening Unit is awaiting a response before the assessment can continue.



The application has been submitted and the assessment process has started.

The applicant or the organisation who started the application will be contacted if the Screening Unit needs more information or when the screening has been finalised.

Screening Unit

Expiry date

The Requesting Officer has started an application, but the applicant has not yet activated their account. If not activated, the application will expire after about a month.



The assessment process has been finalised and a decision made.

The Screening Unit will notify the applicant and any organisation linked to the applicant of the outcome of a screening check.

A finalised Working with Children Check will have an outcome of not prohibited or prohibited. All other checks will have an outcome of cleared or not cleared.

An application can also have an outcome of withdrawn.


In Progress

The applicant has activated their application. They need to complete and submit it to the Screening Unit.


No submitted applications found

No applications for this applicant have been submitted.

Requesting Organisation and Applicant

Pending Paper Copy

The applicant has selected the ‘print and seek’ identity verification option to provide their 100 points of identification. They have not yet submitted the application to the Screening Unit.

The applicant must show their original identity documents to an independent permitted verifier and mail or email the completed application and signed copies of their identity documents to the Screening Unit.

Requesting Organisation and Applicant

Returned to Applicant

The application has been submitted. However, there is an error in the application and the Screening Unit has returned it to the applicant.

The Screening Unit will notify the applicant in writing of the issue.

Once the error is fixed, the applicant must resubmit the application.



The application has been successfully completed and submitted to the Screening Unit.

Screening Unit

Waiting Payment

The applicant or organisation has not paid for the application.

The application must be paid for by credit card online before the application can proceed. If the organisation is an account holder they will be invoiced.

Requesting Organisation and Applicant

Waiting to be Submitted

The applicant has provided 100 points of identification to prove their identity and payment has been made.

The application is waiting for the applicant to select the ‘Complete’ button to review and submit their application.


Waiting Verification

The applicant has selected the online identity verification option to provide their 100 points of identification but has not submitted the identity documents to complete the identification process.

Requesting Organisation and Applicant


An application was submitted but then withdrawn before the assessment process started.

Note:  Any screenings withdrawn once assessment has started will instead have a status of ‘Finalised’ and an outcome of ‘Withdrawn’.


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