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Screening Unit

Application information for organisations

To apply for a check on behalf of a person, your organisation needs to be registered with the Screening Unit.

If you are a sole trader, contractor or self-employed, you need to register as an organisation to apply for a check.

You only need to register once. However, large organisations may wish to register different areas of their business separately – see How to structure your organisation’s online portal (PDF 411.5 KB).

NDIS worker checks must be started by a person and verified by their NDIS employer (NDIS provider or self-managed participant) through the NDIS Commission employer portal after the application has been submitted.

Organisations cannot start a NDIS worker check. Sole traders, contractors and self-employed people can start their own application and verify it through their NDIS portal.

Help with the NDIS worker check

NDIS Commission website
Phone NDIS Commission’s worker screening helpdesk on 1800 035 544

Register your organisation

To register, you will need the following details:

  • organisation’s Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • business address
  • organisation’s email address
  • contact details of nominated officers.

Nominated officer roles and confidentiality

As a part of registering your organisation with the Screening Unit, you need to nominate who in your organisation will perform certain roles. The same individual can do more than one role, and more than one individual can be nominated for each role.

Site administrator

Responsible for registering their organisation with the Screening Unit and keeping registration details up-to-date. The Screening Unit does not contact the site administrator about individual applications.

Requesting officer

The primary contact in the organisation for administration matters related to applications. The Screening Unit will send notification emails to the requesting officer, including the outcome of individual applications. Requesting officers do not have access to any confidential information used as part of the check process.

Authorised officer

A senior manager/officer in the organisation with the authority to make recruitment and employment decisions about the individual being screened.

Finance officer

Required if your organisation is paying for check applications online via credit card. The Screening Unit may contact the finance officer for payment and invoicing purposes.

Verifying officer

Responsible for verifying an individual meets the requirements of a 100-point identification check. Verifying officers must not be closely related to applicants and must have certain credentials – see the permitted verifiers list (PDF 234.3 KB).


Lodging applications


Once you have registered, you can start lodging applications on behalf of individuals. Before you start an application on behalf of an individual, you will need to know:

  • your organisation’s Screening Unit login details
  • what type of check you need to apply for
  • that the individual has given their consent for your organisation to do a check
  • the individual’s full name, date of birth and email address.

When you have completed the organisation component of the application, the Screening Unit will email login and password details to the individual, to complete and submit the application.

Sole traders, contractors or self-employed

If you are a sole trader, contractor or self-employed and need a check for yourself, you need to:

  • register as an organisation, following the steps above
  • login to the organisation portal, start a new application and complete the necessary organisation details
  • log out
  • check your email account for an email from the Screening Unit that contains applicant login and password details
  • login as an applicant and complete the assessment. You will need to provide proof of identity (which you cannot verify yourself) before you can submit your application.

Login to the portal

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