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Screening Unit
Screening Unit


Screening Unit checks are done online

Individuals can apply for their own check.

Applications may be started by the organisation that needs someone to have a check. We will then email that person, asking them to:

Sole-traders, contractors and self-employed people are considered organisations.

NDIS worker checks must be started by a person. When the check is submitted, it is then verified by the NDIS employer (NDIS provider or self-managed participant). This is done through the employer portal with the NDIS Commission.

Organisations cannot start a NDIS worker check. Sole traders, contractors and self-employed people can start their own application and verify it through their NDIS portal.

To apply online, your internet browser will need to meet certain security requirements — it must be compatible with TLS 1.1 or higher.

Screening clearance certificates

The Screening Unit no longer issues screening clearance certificates for any check.

Individuals will be notified of the outcome of a check by email.

Where an organisation has initiated an application on behalf of a person, the individual and the requesting organisation will be notified of the outcome of a check by email.

NDIS employers receive notification of the outcome of an NDIS worker check from the NDIS Commission, not the DHS Screening Unit.

The NDIS Commission portal

NDIS employers can check their NDIS Commission portal for NDIS worker check outcomes and check status.

Information about using the portal and obligations regarding NDIS worker checks - NDIS Commission
Phone the NDIS Commission’s worker screening helpdesk on 1800 035 544

Check a record

You can check on the progress of your application.

If you have a Working with Children Check, you can inspect your record.

Organisations can confirm whether a person has a valid check by logging on to their organisation portal and performing a person search.

Paper forms

Paper forms are only available for people who:

  • have no internet access
  • are recent arrivals to Australia (six weeks or less)
  • are legal minors.

If an organisation needs to apply for a check for someone who meets one of these conditions, they need to email and provide details about the individual’s circumstances.

Once the Screening Unit grants ‘exceptional circumstances’ status, they will send an application form to the organisation to give to the individual, who can submit their application and pay for their check at any Service SA centre by credit or debit card.

Due to the extra steps and postage times for paper applications, they usually take longer to process than online applications.

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