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Screening Unit

The DHS Screening Unit continues to operate during the COVID-19 response.

Screening Unit

How the process works

The Screening Unit uses an individual’s name, previous names, date of birth and residential information to get a national criminal history record from the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) and to check the South Australian Child Protection database.

If there is no name match in the ACIC database, it suggests the individual has no relevant criminal history. ACIC responds to the Screening Unit with a ‘no disclosable court outcomes’ result.

If there are multiple name matches in the ACIC database, they will use extra information, e.g. previous addresses or legal names, to confirm or rule out potential matches.

Once ACIC confirms a name match, they forward the application to the relevant police jurisdiction to check, as legislation about the type of information that can be released varies between states. When ACIC gets the results back from the state police, they respond to the Screening Unit with any ‘disclosable court outcome(s)’.

Depending on the type of check being done, information in a disclosable court outcome may include:

  • charges
  • court convictions, including penalties and sentences
  • findings of guilt with no conviction
  • court appearances
  • good behaviour bonds or other court orders
  • matters awaiting court hearing.

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