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Screening Unit

The DHS Screening Unit continues to operate during the COVID-19 response.

Screening Unit

Length of time to get a check

The Screening Unit finishes most check applications within three weeks. It can take longer than this if there is a lot of information to assess or it is complex.

Processing can take longer than three weeks if:

  • you have relevant criminal history
  • other agencies (e.g. police, other government departments) or individual applicants take a long time to provide information to the Screening Unit
  • a large number of applications are submitted at the same time (e.g. January to April is usually a busy time of year).

To avoid delays:

  • don’t leave your application until the last minute – you can apply up to six months before your current check expires
  • ensure the information you provide is accurate and complete (e.g. all names and addresses)
  • check your email regularly, in case the Screening Unit contacts you for more information about your application.

It is an offence to provide misleading information to the Screening Unit, so applicants should double-check all information is correct.

You can check the status of your application at any time.

Once your application is processed, the Screening Unit will tell you the result (except for general employment probity check). If an organisation started the application on your behalf, the result will be emailed to them.

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